The World&39s Most Expensive Chocolate

Want to impress your woman with an luxury item that is not as hefty as a diamond ring? How about a very expensive chocolate?

The Connecticut-based Knipschildt Chocolatier is home of La Madeline au Truffe, a chocolate truffle that was recognize by Forbes magazine as the most luxurious chocolate in the world. Why so? This confection is made from 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil, and vanilla as its ganache. It is then filled with a rare French Perigold truffle before being enrobed in Valrhona dark chocolate and coated with fine cocoa powder.

A piece of this truffle costs US$ 240 a piece or $ 2,600 a pound. It takes 14 days to create this delightful confection and has a seven-day shelf life.

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