What Makes a Fine Chocolate

There are many kinds of chocolate available in the market, but how can we tell fine chocolate from sub-standard ones? The best way to know is to check the labels and read the ingredients. Fine chocolate should contain a standardized set of ingredients, which should never be substituted but can be left out. Dark chocolate […]

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Savoring Fine Chocolate

We may have heard about the rules in tasting wine, but do you know that tasting the finest chocolates also follow certain protocols? Because fine chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, tasters can better appreciate their sweet treats if they follow these tasting tips, as suggested master chocolatiers. Look at the chocolate Check each […]

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Storing Fine Chocolate

Of course, you cannot just empty a whole box of fine chocolate in just one sitting. This is why you need to know how to store your fine treats to avoid sacrificing its flavor and color. You do not want to see your chocolates with gray spots once you open them for the second time. […]

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Where to Buy the Best Chocolate in America

We may have heard about the finest chocolates in Europe, but do you know that there are also great chocolates that are found in good ol’ USA? The popular periodical USA Today has compiled a list of 10 places across the mainland where you can have the finest chocolates you can either give to your […]

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