History of Belgian Chocolates

Belgium is one of the few countries in the world known for its delectable fine chocolate. How this small country become home of some of the best chocolatiers, however, is not so sweet. It began in the 1880s, when Belgium was ruled by King Leopold II. He laid the foundations in controlling the Congo Free […]

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If there is one chocolatier that represents Belgian Chocolate, it is definitely Leonidas. The company, Leonidas Conifeserie SA, was founded by Leonidas Kestekides, a Greek confectioner who moved to the United States in the late 1800s. Kestekides traveled to France in 1900 to participate in the international food fair as an exhibitor. Ten years later, […]

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The Origin of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Apart from Easter Eggs, the one thing that kids and the young-at-heart excite about Easter is the chocolate, especially the ones shaped like eggs. These are usually given as gifts to close friends and relatives, but do you have an idea how this practice started? Although Easter is a Christian celebration commemorating how Jesus was […]

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The History of Chocolate

The origin of this delectable confection traces its roots to Central and South America, where the cacao beans were first grown. The native Aztecs in modern-day Mexico and other civilizations in the area drank chocolate mixed with chilies and achiote called xocotatl (bitter water) or chocolatl (hot water). Cacao beans were so valuable among the […]

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