Savoring Fine Chocolate

We may have heard about the rules in tasting wine, but do you know that tasting the finest chocolates also follow certain protocols? Because fine chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, tasters can better appreciate their sweet treats if they follow these tasting tips, as suggested master chocolatiers.

Look at the chocolate Check each chocolate piece and esteem its appearance. The finest of chocolates should have a consistent color and a natural-looking sheen. It should also be free of any air bubbles and other blemishes. The best chocolates should also have a high degree of craftsmanship in shape and design.

Smell the chocolate Savoring the aroma of fine chocolate begins with opening a box of these luscious treats. The bouquet of fine chocolate should have a fresh and deep aroma. It should not be overpowering or sugary, which could mean those chocolates are laced with artificial flavors or preservatives.

Taste the chocolate Chocolate lovers should look for two things once a piece of fine chocolate enters the mouth: flavor and texture. A high-quality fine chocolate should have very intense but refine flavors, an indication that these treats are freshly-made. Its texture, meanwhile, should have subtle nuances. The inside of a chocolate piece is called the filling and is specially intended to complement the flavor and texture of chocolate. Let the chocolate melt against the roof of your mouth and feel its texture. Fine chocolate should be smooth without any trace of graininess. Roll the chocolate against your tongue and allow the flavors fill your mouth. The best chocolates should have a nutty, roasted flavor at the beginning, followed by sweetness and other component flavors. The flavor should have a pleasant aftertaste that lingers on the palate.
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